Thoughts on this wallet? It's kinda cute, but im not sure...

  1. i think this wallet is gorgeous, but 2 issues stop me from purchasing it: 1) color potentially rubbing off at some point FROM the wallet (i think some people reported this), 2) color transfer from something else TO the wallet (since it's all white). i guess it particularly concerns me because i'm afraid of my lining in my damier speedy potentially bleeding onto it at some point, turning corners pink or something :sad:
  2. MC Koala is gorgeous. Hope you get one.
  3. Oh it is so pretty, my vote is yes!! But I'd wait to hear from other members that own it to see if they had any of the problems rainyjewels mentioned.
  4. I have had my white MC Koala wallet for over a year and it is in like-new condition. I absolutely ADORE it.


    I really don't get all the worries about colors rubbing off and the canvas getting dirty. Hasn't happened to me. My wallet lives inside a clean handbag, it's not like I take it with me to the beach and throw it on the ground or something...
  5. R U kidding!!! Gorgeous fabulous, to die for, would take it in a heartbeat... nice nice wallet,,, imo...:heart:
  6. Jane., love your azure wallet in your avatar too! It's totally an investment....:love:
  7. Oh and I can't speak to the bleeding red lining inside damier speedies, since I have a saleya, which is microfiber and has never transfered to anything. I heard that the bleeding speedy linings was an isolated defect, not in all bags, and they will take exchanges if it happens in your bag.
  8. Beautiful!

    Oh you´re from Scotland! I looove Scotland.
  9. i like the MC koala wallet...but i do tend to throw my wallets around..that's y i chose the damier koala =)
  10. hi! i have the koala white mc and its FABULOUS! no color transfer, stays WHITE! (as all white mc does) and as for bleeding - the vernis must be cared for esp in HOT weather.

    good luck!
  11. I'd say go for it!
  12. pretty..go get it..

    I was about to say Jane has
  13. it is so pretty, get it!
  14. It's so cute! I'd get it!