Thoughts on this two-tone Paraty?

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  1. Hi everyone! This will be my first bag from Chloe :yahoo:....I love the design of the Paraty (even though at first I thought I saw a hint of a frown in the leather piping at the bottom of the bag!). I'm looking for a color that will be versatile enough with black or brown...also, I'm now drawn to the light/medium toned neutrals since I wear a lot of black and have enough dark colored bags to last a lifetime! Hopefully this works well for casual (95% of my life) and dressier occasions. And, of course, the bag should be wearable for years and be more classic than you think the two-tone fits this bill? I love all the Paratys (the Python has also caught my eye....but doesn't ship to CA) and this one has stood out to me the most. Sorry...don't know how to post pics from saks....thanks ladies, appreciate the feedback!
  2. :tup: in my OP
  3. I'm thinking or pre-ordering this too from Saks. I got the large nutmeg 3 weeks ago and am now thinking of getting my 2nd. I visit the Saks site everyday = )
  4. ooh I really like it!
  5. Not keen - reminds me of the Miki Tote -
  6. I like it!
  7. Btw, what is the difference between the waxed leather and regular calfskin leather? Is that why this bag costs less than the regular paraty? Thanks again!
  8. i like it!
  9. I really like it.
  10. I'm not sure about this one yet. For me, I'd have to check out the "waxed" leather in person, to see if it would attract dirt. The leather seems to have an almost nubuc/sueded texture to it.
  11. liking this a alot. Very subtle.
  12. Interesting combo -- would love to see it IRL.
  13. I think the two toned will be more trendy than classic. You may get tired of it.
  14. Would have to see it irl to decide.
  15. looks ok, but has to be seen in real life!