Thoughts on this trunk show item

  1. I just came back from the trunk show at the galleria and fell in love with a large black fabric/synthetic tote. It has two open pockets on the side (the perfect size for water bottles), a zipped section on the front with silver logo zipper, two over-the-shoulder handles, a zipper to keep inner contents inside, and a small satin clutch on the interior. The fabric is very sturdy and I'm thinking this would make a great diaper bag and still be a very useful part of my collection for a long time. It retails for about $1,475. I was told I should be able to get one when they come in but was hoping for anyone else's opinion if they also saw this bag. Does anyone know its name or where I can find pictures of this bag? Thanks so much!!!!!
  2. Do you know the name of the bag?

    It might be the Paris Biarritz?
  3. I was going to ask if it's this one, but I don't think it has two side pockets. My SA sent me this one from the Resort collection. Not sure if I'm loving it though.
  4. ^ the white one is the perfo tote - I think it was also referred to as "the perfect tote".

  5. I think that's what it is. She told me the name so quickly I couldn't remember, but that sounds like it. Does anyone have a picture of this one or a place where I could find one? I was super excited when I left the store and want to keep it fresh in my memory so I dn't get led astray by other beauties!!!!! I'd also like to post it for opinions. Thanks SOO much!
  6. nah, not loving it really.

  7. Are you talking about the white one above or the Paris Biarritz? They are different right? The one I saw is not the one posted above (although thank you so much piperlu for posting that picture, I really appreciate it).
  8. I find the white bag a bit blah too. How does it look in IRL?
  9. echo, did you go to the houston galleria chanel trunk show just THIS night? I was there too!! BTW I DID see your bag. I picked it up too and looked at it. It seems like a practical tote. Perfect for diapers and large accessories. I think it may be from the biarritz line.
  10. ^ Yay for Texans!!!!!! Didn't you just love the rose (?) colored super soft quilted bags? I've never seen so many gorgeous bags in one collection! I am staying practical-minded this once though! I think you and jsanluis are right about the line. I just did a search on TPF for "Paris Biarritz" and found another set of posts discussing the bag. Someone said it's for the second part os S/S 07. I hope that doesn't mean a long wait!

    I've never been a big wait-lister. They didn't tell me how many were before me at Chanel, but at NM they said they were getting in plenty. I hope I get mine!
  11. That white bag actually looks really nice in person. It has been really popular from what I have seen. The inside is quitled canvas. Very pretty. The bag is bright white and the CC logo is more of a creamy white. It also comes in a larger size, too.
  12. I actually really like this bag in black in the east/west version. I have it on hold for me but I am on the fence trying to decide if I want it or the GST.