Thoughts on this tote?

  1. I keep looking at it, but wondering if I'll grow tired of it?

    Coach tote.jpg
  2. Its a nice classic bag, but I might grow tired of it. I would choose one of the pretty new colors like Punch.
  3. i really want one. i almost got one last month, but little someone named Ali captured my heart, lol!!
  4. is the punch available yet?
  5. Yep, I think so.
  6. it's available online right now but not in boutiques...i was told by SA's here in calif not in stores til i am looking forward to seeing that bag in both pink and the white
  7. Oh, I see! Thanks for clarifying.
  8. So is none of the new stuff going to be in stores until February? :sad:
  9. you can always go to the boutique and ask to preorder...they'll either ship it to the store or to your house, and you can have it before anyone!
  10. I think it's a very functional and nice bag. My fave color choices are these two.Post pics when you buy it pls!:yes:
    3.jpg 1.jpg
  11. love the bag...but you definately need a color in there (a punch of color, pun intended). or else some charms or a scarf

    im about to order the punch one in a few minutes...
  12. thanks guys, I just went to the store, the straps barely fit over my arms with just a sweatshirt on, so I know it won't work over a coat. Oh well. I think I'll wait for the new black/white shoulder tote. I love that style anyway.
  13. I like it but it's a bit boring in brown - I LOVE the red stripe one MarieG posted!
  14. I got the Signature Stripe Reversible Large Tote (and accessories) and I haven't gotten tired of it at all... I did monogram them so they wouldn't look so plain.

  15. I love it. My only fear with doing monogram is that doing my initals, well they may change in a few years and so I will just hold off. Talking about the ring has made me not want to do monogram, yet!

    But I love the bag with gold or punch.