Thoughts on this tote from the Cruise 2016 collection

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  1. Hello all,
    so I am now searching for a tote. I am in love with this quilted black leather tote from the cruise 2015/2016 collection. I saw that I can get it with the gold hardware. Does anyone have this tote yet? Thoughts? I always carry a satchel and I saw this bag at Saks and think I can use a s a satchel or shoulder bag.
    Also, since I am new to Chanel, does anyone know how long these cruise collections are available to buy before they are no longer sold? I am saving and probably won't have the money until summer.
    Thanks!! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  2. I tried this and it's very light and good quality. usually they get one shipment (unless some pieces was delayed and came in a later shipment) and rarely restock, once it sells out, it's gone.
  3. I really like it. You may be able to find one in a couple months. If not, there will be more totes the next season. I am still hopeful that the GST will return in the U.S. Soon.
  4. The tote is gorgeous and very classic. I love it
  5. Love this!!

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  6. Thanks guys. Wow didn't know they don't restock. Only Saks had this. I did read somewhere that a new tote was coming. Ugh can't afford this now. Will hope for the best that my SA can find a Chanel that still has it when I'm ready to buy.

  7. I'm sure your SA can help you track one down from another location. if the tote is popular, they will bring it back for another season
  8. Chanel boutique has it too
  9. If you have a Saks card you can put this on a MPA account and get interest free for at least 6 months....
  10. There are several reveals of this tote already

    Very lightweight

    You might want to search for them
  11. Hi!
    I just bought this tote about 3 weeks ago and i LOVE it!
    It's quickly becoming my fav Chanel

    It's super light, it stays on my shoulder and it holds a ton!

    heres a link to my reveal.