Thoughts on this style

  1. Hi all! Stunbled on this forum when searching for a new bag. What do you think of this Coach? I like the simplicity for everyday, but haven't made up my mind yet. I have lots to learn from you "experts!"
  2. I'm not loving it but I've seen a lot of posts about it, so many do. It's a style that may grow on me.
  3. First of all, welcome! This site is completely addicting . . .and we're complete enablers, so be careful!

    As far as the bag goes, it's not my personal taste. However, I know some people would look at the bags I like and think I was nuts, so it's all a question of personal style. Tha's one thing I like about Coach- they seem to have range of styles that can suit many different tastes.

    I'm going to stop rambling, but welcome again!
  4. Welcome!

    Not my favorite in black, I am not loving the white signature strip. I would love this in brown.
  5. hmm im not sure about this one. It seems kind of "old school" in that particular style/shape. And then a random strip of C's.. im not sure. Perhaps it will grow on me? I would say its more of a professional looking bag..
  6. i think the satchel shape is great...but NOT loving that particular style with the signature stripe down.
  7. I love the satchel shape, but i am not so fond on the color. I was at Coach today and I loved the brown color when I saw it.
  8. I like the shape, but the handles looks way too long.
  9. I'm actually rather fond of it, except the shape! I don't like the satchel style bags so much, but I very much like the siggy stripe and the contrast it provides. The straps seem long enough to make it a shoulder bag, which is essential for me, too. Nice bag!
  10. I saw it in stores and the brown one is very nice. I'm not feeling the black one though...

    They also have that bag in normal signature (with the mini sig stripe down the middle)...way too busy for me.
  11. I love the bag in brwon, but so don't need another brown bag!
  12. I love it! lol Isn't it funny how all our tastes differ?

    I think it's lovely...and classic.
  13. I like this one, and tried it on at the store today. It's very comfortable. I do like how the tote has the extra hardware and tassel though.
  14. I like it. The brown one reminds me slightly of the older gucci style, only I think gucci would have had a red and green stripe.
  15. I like the shape, don't like the stripe.