Thoughts on this Silverado?

  1. Made up my mind here --- thanks Jag for your help! This post can be closed....sorry about that.
  2. I will probably be in the minority- but I like the chocolate Silverado more than the pink one. THat chocolate leather is just so rich and beautiful! I really think Chloe chocolate bags are just TDF! So I say keep the one you have and cherish her! She is a beauty!
  3. Jag I appreciate your thoughts! Now that I look at both I don't think the pink is as pretty either :smile:
  4. I definetely like the chocolate better too but then again Im just not real fond of pink bags as much as I use to be.
  5. Anytime Twinklette! I just think Chloe does one of the nicest chocolate leathers out of all the designers! Seriously, it is so rich and unique! The Pink is pretty, but nowhere as distinct and rich! Hold on to that gorgeous bag girl!
  6. You can't go wrong with ANY SILVERADO! I love Chloe's nice THICK leather!