Thoughts on this Prada satchel -

  1. I'm thinking it just might be the perfect black bag (for me at least!)

  2. love it...price?
  3. I think around $1,400
  4. get it!!! Lmao!
  5. Absolutely get is gorgeous!!!!:heart:H
  6. it's really cute!

    do you know how the flap works? is it magnetic/button?
  7. Get it, Great price and chic
  8. thats a good price for Prada. Go for it!
  9. It looks great!

    What size is it? I'm looking for a new black bag as well.
  10. OK...where did you see this...does it come in brown?
  11. Love it!
  12. omg Girl... you're looking for brown now?????????!! I love it!!! :nuts:

    The purse looks beautiful!
  13. Very nice!
  14. I saw it on Neimans website - haven't seen it in IRL. Stopped by Saks today but they didn't have it