Thoughts on this phillip lim doctor bag?

  1. Hi there! I am starting to love a lot of handbags this season. I only have a budget of about $1200 for any bags until 2007.
    I am thinking about the Gryson Skye in Smoke and/or this doctor bag. The reason I like it is that I think I could use for work and put some file folders in there. I have not heard this bag talked about very much. What do you all think?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. It's nice but for that budget have a look at the Chanel cabas bag :P before you make a final decision....... (pic borrowed from the Chanel forum, there are lots more pics there of this bag).
  3. ooh. Yeah, it is a pricey bag. There is a 25% off code online so it would come to a little over $800.
    ;) I'm afraid of Chanel, but I guess I'm approaching the price point in some of my bag choices.
  4. It would be a good Chanel to start out with (in my opinion!). It retails at $995 at NM and seems to be one of the 'it' bags of the season.
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