Thoughts on this Peekboo

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  1. Hello, I am fairly new to this site but have come to love all of the information I have found already. I would like to ask all of you your thoughts on this peekaboo. I am looking to invest in a bag that is a classic and will not go out of style quickly.
    Thank you!
  2. If this is the medium size, then I plan to get the same bag. I think it's a great choice. I hadn't been a big fan of the whip stitch until I saw this bag with the woman sitting at the table next to me in a local cafe. The bag was gorgeous. Her bag also had a black whip stitch strap, which really added to its look.
  3. No, its the mini. I am so small anything but a small bag overwhelms me. I appreciate your response. This bag also has grown on me. I think it is stunning. Im just concerned about it being "trendy" rather than more of a classic handbag. Do you see the whip stitch as being more "trendy"? Also if you do get the bag, please post pics! They are more rare and I dont see many.