Thoughts on this outfit for homecoming?

  1. My homecoming dance is in about a month, and I didn't feel like shelling out a lot of cash again for a new dress, shoes, accessories, etc. so I decided to pull out this dress my mom got from a thrift shop a while back. It was a bit big so I put a cami on the inside and paired it with a Harvey Nichols belt. Vintage pumps.

    What do you think of the outfit altogether? I really like it because it's not black [like last year] and I know NO ONE else will have this dress. Plus, I can use the money I saved [roughly $50 to $60, which is what I spent last year] towards other clothes that I can wear daily, not just to one high school dance. [btw, I'm 15]

  2. ya i like it and as you say you saved money i think the shoes really set it off enjoy your homecoming
  3. How cute are you! I love it. You you very elegant and you'll be one of a kind.
  4. Hmm.. I think it looks amazing. I'm only hmmming because I'm trying to find some flaw with it. But no. And your face is hilarious. haha.
  5. Aww thanks guys!!

    Liberte: Hahahaha, I wasn't gonna edit it out, but I decided to anyways. :p
  6. It's very nice. I can see your face from the mirror. You look cute.
  7. I think you look fab! The shoes are so cute and really pull it together. I like your thinking wrt to saving that extra money for things you'll get more use out of. You're cute and clever! :smile:
  8. Cute!
  9. Cute Marg!, I love it!, pair it with a nice cocktail ring ,and your set!.

    I love the fact that it looks age appropiate, I hate it when I used to go to sweet 16,and some of the girls looked like they worked at a strip club. Some of their dresses were so short they couldnt dance...
  10. It looks very nice! super classy. I love the belt and shoes they make the dress work for a more modern, younger look..
  11. I think you look cute! Great way to save a little extra cash...
    And those shoes are really nice!
  12. I think its perfect! Very Chic and looks great on you.
  13. Aww thanks everyone!! :smile: :smile: :smile: :heart:

    Jadore: Good idea on the cocktail ring! And omg I know...but the girls at my school do their thing anyway...ick... :push:
    I Love RICE: haha, I noticed that. Oh well... :biggrin:
  14. Cute dress!
  15. I wish I had had your fashion sense when I was 15! Great eye for pulling vintage pieces together:smile: