Thoughts on this new Fendi Baguette??

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  1. I've been wanting a Fendi Baguette for some time and saw this new style for Pre Fall and I'm wondering what you think? Thanks :smile:

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  2. I love that this Baguette is black with silver hardware! I'm not a big fan of the stitching but I like it here! (I love Baguettes! Btw, I was after the black Selleria Baguette, but I was told in Rome that it was discontinued.)
  3. I really like it! Has a bit of a rock'n'roll vibe!!!

    Very wearable...

    E x
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  4. I really like this flap bag! It seems like it would be a nice classic style that would see a lot of use;)
  5. I think it gives the bag a casual, edgier look than a typical baguette. :smile:
  6. love this!
  7. I’m a sucker for Fendi whipstitch!

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  8. I don’t usually like whip stitching but really like this bag! It’s very pretty!
  9. Love it!!!