Thoughts on this new Boy Bag style?

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  1. Really curious to get tPFr thoughts on this one!

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  2. I like it! and I think it's a great choice for people who likes their Chanel bags structured
  3. Shoot. I have more pictures but am only on my phone. Hopefully the dropbox link works.

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  4. Hello Dear ,
    I saw it today in Chanel store and it's a beautiful piece and beautifully made , but the chain is longer than the classic boys , it's a bit too long for me :sad:
  5. I tried it out in Chanel today, had been waiting for it to arrive since seeing it on catwalk. Loved the detailing, but didn't fall in love with it and for the price I'd rather have a jumbo.
  6. The chain is longer... i noticed that as well. My linebacker shoulders liked that bit. Lol

  7. My mom loves her and got so many compliments when using it...she got the tricolor one though
  8. That is amazing! What a nice addition for you mom!
  9. I love it i love i love it.

    But I also tried it on at the stores and because the chain is longer than usual it looked like crap on me. I was almost swayed because I loved how it looks when I hold it by the handle.

    It's so unfair and bias against short people!! :sad: But the bag is really pretty.
  10. I don't have this bag, but my aunt does. She is over the moon about it. She loves how unique it is compared to the regular boy bag-from the top handle to the detailed red stichings on the flap.

    My aunt made me the modeled the bag. I don't why since I wasn't the one buying it :confused1:... Anyway, I thought it looked good on me. She even agreed with me. And I'm only 5 ft.

    Huh...almost makes me to want to buy the bag now that I think about it.
  11. I like the handle, but the bag seems too small
  12. I love the style (especially the handle)... but I am on ban so need to pass... :crybaby:
  13. I didn't like it, sorry girls...
  14. Definitely prefer the original boy or the chevron