Thoughts on this Miu Miu bag?

  1. I'm debating whether to buy this:


    Thank you! :flowers:
  2. I like much?
  3. Thanks. $400+, if I recall correctly.
  4. Thats a good price on a great bag!
  5. Love it!!!
  6. You can't beat that for the price, the bag is lovely~
  7. Cute and not bad on the price either! Go for it
  8. Its a really great bag! What a cowinky dink...
    Ive been looking for that bag a bit too...can you tell me the name and where I can purchase it? Thats the one that has the matching little purse inside that snaps in right?
  9. yeah, i like it, too!
  10. lovely bag!
    nice price!
  11. Great bag - reasonable price - I say get it!!:yes:
  12. Oooohhh..I love it! It's a great color for fall and the price is great too!
  13. Terrific bag at a great price.
  14. if you like it, get it since the price is reasonable!
  15. I like this too!
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