Thoughts on this Mitzy??

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  1. What do you think of this colour?

    Do you think it's too big a bag to carry it off.

    I only ask, as a small bit of doubt has crept in with my Ostrich Mitzy. I really like it but I just don't know if it's ever going to be as squidgey as my Oak one (which is my fav bag ever)
    I just love the pebbled leather and fancy a summery bag.
    Any thoughts would be much appreciated
  2. Hi - I've got the messenger version - the butter leather is lovely - it's wonderful and slouchy.
    That said your ostrich is also delicious :smile:
  3. i dont like the butter! i think your pink ones soooo much nicer!
  4. Just to balance the discussion :P !
    I think the butter is a squillion times more lovely than the pink.....but I am a life long pinko phobe !
  5. I love the pink on you :smile: The colour suits your colouring so well.
  6. Your ostrich mitzy is gorgeous Rachiem. I seen the butter mitzy IRL yesterday. It is much more yellow than I expected. The colour on your osrich is so rich. Totally TDF.
  7. thanks again. I've put my one on the wardrobe door with a weighted Bagpuss in it and it does looks lovely, I must admit.
    I was getting some doubts as my hubby hates it, but getting it back out, the love is returning!
  8. its amazing how much influence men have isnt it! if you love it thats the main thing:biggrin:
  9. I think butter is a lovely summer colour, but I honestly think it will be more high maintenance than the ostrich! Its really pale, when the Alexa came I was almost scared to touch it incase I left fingermarks lol, and the hobo that was revealed this week by our lovely pfer looked even yellower, so it depends if you are worried by the dye transfer which is going to happen with this bag however much you treat it!!!
  10. I think your pink ostrich is the most gorgeous bag, personally i would stick with that one. but each to their own!
  11. I have been away and have come back and missed the story about your divine bag ...I adore her ...please keep her....!Where can I find the story about her...?
  12. Thanks....I LOVE this bag....!
  13. Honestly truly I love the butter more but that's probably because I'm not an ostrich fan rather than the colour. It could also be because I'm looking for a summer bag and am leaning towards trying a butter Mitzy too.
    Rachie, go with your instinct. If you love the ostrich keep her but if there's even the slightest doubt then return her.
  14. Rachie i thini with your colouring you could carry off bith - however i think that the butter will not be an enduring colour whereas the pink will - i cannot see how anyeon can ever go off that shade of pink (and i am a pinko phobe too!) whereas I think yellow is easily tired of.

    tbh i can see you with both....but for me the pink wins by a margin due to its rarity, the bargain you got and the enduring colour.