Thoughts on this Mike & Chris Forster....

  1. Looks okay to me. Nothing special about it though, I would say. I would like better pics :idea:
    I like the color though!
  2. Mmm, pretty colour and the leather looks nice. Doesn't really sing to me, though.
  3. I love Mike and Chris. They seem to turn the basic to not so basic. They make great clothes and it's exciting that they are delving into handbags. I don't usually like flap enclosures but this one is nice because it's magnetic so it won't be a hassle to get into (like Gryson bags). The side pockets are handy and I love that it has a cell phone pocket (always digging for my phone if there isn't one). The leather of their jackets are luxurious so I am sure the bags are the same. The bag is adorable. I would buy it!
  4. I like it, but personally I would wait for a sale; it's pretty spendy for an under the radar designer.
  5. i really like it and it's nice to see designers getting into bags! the color is beautiful!
  6. I agree with waiting for a sale; it's nice, but I dont love it. But its what you feel about the bag that matters.
  7. Interesting bag and I love the colour. Not sure about the price though. But if you love it.....My philosophy is if you love something then it is worth the price.
  8. ITA. I love the color. That website does need better pics though. The way they just let the handles droop isn't very flattering on the bag!
  9. It's not for me, but I could admire it on someone else.
  10. I like it. I have a Mike & Chris Austin bag and love it! The leather is very nice and the bag is well made. I'd wait for this one to go on sale or at least when there is a coupon. The color is great.
  11. I love the color but not for that price!
  12. I have a Mike and Chris Boris bag and I love it to no end. The leather wears beautifully, they're well made and last forever. They sell out quick so if it's still available, do it!
  13. I really like it but agree that it is overpriced for a relatively new designer.
  14. The color is fantasic, but I will agree with everyone about the price. That is pretty pricey.

    But if you like it then go for it!

    Good Luck!