Thoughts on this Gustto

  1. What are everyone's thoughts on this Gustto? Anyone have this bag and how do you like it? TIA.
  2. Sorry, forgot the pic. [​IMG]
  3. I can't see the pic. Just a red X in a box, could be my pc though.
  4. no pic for me either
  5. [​IMG]
  6. still a red X :sad:
  7. i don't know why it isn't pasting. It's the large Gustto Setela in wine.
  8. I love the Gustto Setela. I have been eyeing it myself. Gorgeous bag!
  9. I had bought the large Setela in wine and it was LARGE. I've posted this before, but I'm not exaggerating: my 2 year old really could fit in it. I had to send it back. The leather and color are amazing though, so I bought a medium Setela in espresso and a regular Baca in dark wine. That made me content! I love Gustto though.
  10. How is the leather quality? Is it super soft? I've never seen a Gustto irl.
  11. The Gustto leather is so soft and luscious. So much so it is the reason I keep my Baca even though I don't love the bag style as much as I did. I bought the Medium Setela though and thought that was HUGE. Too big for me anyway. I could only fill it a 3rd full and the bag just fell into itself on top and looked odd to me.
  12. Gustto leather is some of the best on earth! It's soooo soft and squishy! Love it!
  13. Unbelievably squishy, soft leather!!!
  14. Here's a pic for those who don't know what it looks like.

  15. Although the leather might be awesome, the style doesn't do anything for me.

    I do know that some of their other styles are nicer. Bottom line is, go with what YOU like!