Thoughts on this for a casual look?

  1. Some background info... I live in South Florida, and I usually end up wearing jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers or flip-flops in the daytime. I have some dressier bags that don't seem to fit.

    So... would this be ok with that type of clothes as an everyday bag for warm weather? I don't wear dresses and such, and I don't really go to the beach.

    Also, what do you think of the bag itself?

    Thanks! :smile:

  2. I love it!!! It's very cute! I think it's perfect for what you described!
  3. I agree. I can totally see you strolling around in Florida looking casual and cute!
  4. is PERFECT for makes me happy, and excited for summer!
  5. Cute and appropriate!
  6. Very cute bag!
  7. I think it would work nicely with your outfits and lifestyle.
  8. Very cute! Perfect with jeans, etc.
  9. I love summer bags like this. I think its fine for everyday and for the beach.
  10. Very cute! Great for the spring/summer.
  11. very cute. would look great w/ floral flowy dresses!
  12. I think that bag is perfect for Florida everyday bag. It's really cute!
  13. It's cute, and seems worry-free.
  14. That's an adorable bag! I live in south Florida also...Sarasota..and that totally fits the Florida lifestyle!
  15. Very Summery..