Thoughts on this Ferragamo!

  1. I'm still on the hunt for a black bag with top handles and a shoulder strap. Saw this bag in Neimans last night (but in black) and it did have a shoulder strap as well!!

  2. Very pretty.I bet it looks great in black!The optional shoulder strap,what a plus.Thanks for sharing.
  3. Gorgeous! I love it.
  4. I love this bag. I tried it on at Saks and loved it! It's on my long list of bags to buy.
  5. Beautiful!
  6. it's gorgeous!
  7. i like its classic style! go for it!
  8. :love:
  9. It looks very nice and classic.
  10. saw it,..did you get it? you should!!!! go get it before it's gone. i agree with the ohter ladies that it looks great. it fits all your needs as you've described
  11. It's lovely. Ferragamo bags are timeless.
  12. it's very classy, too bulky for my taste though :p
  13. Beautiful, Ferragamo is classic, timeless and well made.
  14. I love Ferragamo so I would deff say YES!