Thoughts on this Fall 16 Act I Flap bag...

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  1. I'm very interested in these 2 Fall Act I flap bags with the laces up the sides! What are your thoughts?

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  2. I like the beige one... it reminds me of classic aviators flying or shakespearean plays (probably where the Act 1 comes from).

    Not a fan of the mutlicolored one.

    Would the laces be hard to maintain though?
  3. I like both, the all leather version more. I do not think the laces will necessarily be an issue and I really like them. If you are going to get a seasonal flap this s a good choice as the laces add something unexpected.
  4. Well since your asking for our opinions, it's not my favorite design by far. It looks like a "right now" bag, not a lifetime bag you will love for a long time. Kwim?
  5. I would like it if it was all black leather, without the long straps, not as wide, carried as a clutch. So I guess I'm not that into these, lol.
  6. I kind of like them!! Wonder what all black would look like!! I think this more comes down with own personal style. This would def work for me. However, I tend to like all one color vs multi-color. We shall see what they actually put out.
  7. Well I don't know about those handbags, but that bracelet in the 2nd picture is gorgeous! I think it's a bracelet??? I guess it could be attached to the gloves, but I really think it's a bracelet. Very blingy. My favorite thing. :lol:

  8. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458552970.282132.jpg

    OT OP but Tulip2 methinks you are right! Pix frm tPF!
  9. I like the side laces.
    Can see me tucking tissues into them.
    Assorted bits & bobs.
    And destroying fashionable look entirely. :biggrin:
  10. I like everything about the purses, except the laces! Reminds me of the lace up shirts that were on trend in the late 90s/early 2000s. As @CATEYES said, they are dated.
  11. ;) I see you spot everything that is PINK
  12. I was "Wow" for a second on this clutch, then I lost my breath the next as I saw the logo. What is up with that? So wrong, look like a fake chanel if I carry it disappointed

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  13. :roflmfao: You know me too well UpTime!!!

    Oh my, that logo isn't good. It's just too different IMHO. I'm with you, it could very well be mistaken for a fake.

  14. Yeah I really liked the clutch too but you're so right, the logo is way too big!!!
  15. I like the laces but need to measure it up against the whole collection before I'd buy. So often I think I will def buy a piece but there is something else that takes my breath away.
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