Thoughts on this dress?

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  1. Personally, I'm not a fan. If I were going to spend that much on a dress, it would have to be something with staying power (more of a classic design).
  2. It's not my style either and you'd have to have a particular body type to pull it off (tall & thin). Otherwise, the volume at the waist and hips would overwhelm you.
  3. I think the dress is cute but agree it's not classic enough for me to spend that amount.
    Also you would need great legs, shoulders, waist and arms!
  4. Do you go to any events where that dress would be appropriate? Or do you love it enough to just wear it to dinner and be overdressed? It also depends on how much disposable income you have. Personally, it is too expensive for me, but if this dress is just pocket change then sure get it.

    I have a similar dress with a tight corset top and a short skirt with lots of tulle underneath. I am neither tall or thin, but it looks amazing on because it has great definition around the waist and gives me an hourglass shape. So this style can work on more figures than just tall and thin, but it will need to fit perfectly.
  5. i think if you have the right body can tone it down w/ a cardigan/jacket....def a dinner / party kind of outfit.
    i think it's cute...may be a little too cute for my taste. like the previous poster said...if this is not that expensive to you..why not get it.
  6. I think it is very pretty and sweet, but too memorable to wear more than a few times. If it was under $300 maybe, but $800 + is a lot for this dress imo.
  7. Yep you can tone it down like Juneping said. I wore mine to dinner with a short cardigan and flats to tone it down. The poofy skirt was still a little much but I didn't care. I always think that people are underdressed anyways when going to dinner.
  8. It's not pocket change for me :shucks:therefore I've had to contemplate. It fits me nicely even though I don't have legs that go a mile.

    The jacket to downplay it is a good idea. The cost isn't that though. :graucho:
  9. Eh, not a fan... especially for the price. Sorry.
  10. That is a cute dress. Perhaps so cute that it is "cutesy." (I can see that working well on a tall, thin, younger woman, i.e. under 25) However, if it looks great on YOU, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. :smile: But, for the price, I'd keep looking. It's not an incredibly unique design. I feel like I've seen many versions of that dress at Betsey Johnson for less than half the price.
  11. cute dress.. IF you have the body for it, are the right age for it, are going to the right occasion, AND can easily afford it, why not?
  12. I think the back of the dress is super cool, but if you look at the front- it doesn't seem to be very flattering, even to the mannequin.
  13. i'm not a fan of this dress. sorry.
  14. Its cute, but I see it as more for a high school formal dance...sorry.