Thoughts on this dress?

  1. I'm seeing floral prints everywhere-- what does everyone think of this dress?

    Viola Dress

    (Sorry, I couldn't get the picture in the post)
  2. the link didn't work. is it the viola season dress?
  3. I think it's a pretty cute spring dress. Very retro like.
  4. I think it's cute. You might be able to find something better at that price
  5. The link just brought me to the main page.
    EDIT: its pretty and girly - i like it.
  6. Delicate and sweet. I like it a lot.
  7. Cute dress, lovely for summer
  8. Adorable!!!
  9. i think it's super cute~
  10. cute but not $238 cute.
  11. ^^^^ I agree!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I think it's a really pretty dress, but it's a bit expensive. I'd get it if you really like it and know you'll wear it more than a few times. Otherwise, I would look around and see if you can find something similar and cheaper.
  13. I personally don't think that it is worth the $238..I've seen many cuter prices for a lot less than that.
  14. Cute!