Thoughts on this dress: too cutesy?

  1. I came across this dress two days ago and cant decide whether I should actually get it. It is adorable, but I'm afraid it's almost too cute. What do you all think: will this dress make a young woman look like a toddler, or is it acceptable?
    Nicky Hilton | Cut Work Cotton Dress at ASOS
    Hopefully I'll decide soon. The size/colour combination I want keeps disappearing and reappearing, but I'm sure my luck will only hold out for so long! I prefer the latte colour...
  2. I like that! and the latte one is so pretty:love:
  3. i love it!
  4. I like the dress on the model. The original looks awful on Nicky. I think this may be the sort of dress that only someone very thin can pull off....
  5. Gorgeous! Very cute, but agree that you would have to be slim, not one for the curvy girls!
  6. I'm a little fussy about buttons on the front of any dress. But, i do like the trim and the colour.
  7. Love the color as well!
  8. There's nothing little-girlish about it at all. I think it's beautiful, with clean lines! And potentially very flattering. The latte color is lovely.
  9. love it!
  10. I like it.
  11. cute!
  12. i like it! depending on how you accessorize, you can pull off so many looks with this.
  13. Very cute! I love long sleeved dresses :smile:
  14. love it, i would like it in black
  15. I like the black too! very pretty!