Thoughts on this diamond......

  1. Here is the info:

    GIA cert.
    round brilliant
    measurements: 10.50x10.64x6.14
    weight: 4.15 ct
    depth: 58.1%
    table 63%
    girdle: thin to medium
    culet: small
    polish: good
    symmetry: good
    clarity: VS1
    color: J
    fluorescence: none

    I feel like I'm trying to read Greek....LOL Any/all help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I'm no expert, but not a big fan of "J" color. But I do know that if you want a headlight of a diamond, and we all do, then you need better than "good" for symmetry.

    Just because it's big, doesn't mean it's pretty. I learned the hard way. My 7 carat princess cut diamond was sure impressive, but it was only "good" in symmetry, and thus, not as sparkly as it could have been. Now I have a "very good" symmetry diamond, and it's got flash and brilliance. "Excellent" is the highest grade.

    Hang on ... what is the GIA grade for cut?
  3. If you can provide the crown angle and pavillion angle, I could give a bit more information. Can you ask for an idealscope image? The cut quality will give the diamond it's brilliance, dispersion and sparkle. You should be looking for an excellent cut--that's the highest grade in GIA--for the best overall performance.
  4. Yes, I agree that "Excellent" would be a wonderful grade to have, but unfortunately I don't have $100,000 + to spend on a single diamond.....we do have 4 daughters, which will mean 4 weddings and college!! ;P
  5. ^then you should go for smaller:yes: Cut is really most important. Big isn't pretty at all w/o some fire.
    That big, I wouldn't go less than a G or H max and the table could be slightly smaller as well, but I agree cut needs to be better, ideal is really important.
  6. I don't mean to piggyback on your thread, but is cut = symmetry then?
  7. With all due respect to cut nuts, I wish to tell my story wich does go agaionst all the rules.

    Now some background knowledge is that my dh sells pearls and other beautiful stones and jewellery and the family have been in business for over 100 years with many stores. The point is, my dh knows about quality jewellery as he hand picks everything himself, and he knows enough about diamonds to know what will look great in a setting.

    My delemour was the same. I wanted a great big diamond but the prices were unbelievable. I really think that a top graded 4 carat would be over $150,000, at least here in Aust.

    In the end, my dh picked me out a 4 carat princess that we bought for price and enjoyment. It is probably a bad cut, and bad quality, but it is very white and sparkly. Now, it may not sparkle as much as a top sparkler, but for 4 carats of diamond, it still shouts from a mile away!!!!

    I have had it halo set, and the whole thing almost looks like it is insane, it is so sparkly and huge!!!!!!!! And I doubt anyone is going to analyse it to pieces...except me.

    My logic is that even if the diamond has 30% less sparkle than a top perfect one, well it has 100% more size, so you still end up with more dazzle. Also, the average person can not tell the difference between a super cut and an ok cut once set. The viewer is also influenced by the wearers look and the setting of the diamond itself.

    Please note that I am not refering to diamonds that resemble frozen spit when I talk about ok diamonds. Im refering to diamonds that behave like diamonds and sparkle.

    And for the record, I would have loved to be able to buy the best and spend without regard to price, but we also have many limitations. And in our case my dh. did not think it was worth it because we still ended up with an amazing ring. The trick is to use your eyes when choosing a diamond as well as the specs.
  8. 4.17 carats is a gorgeous size, but I prefer my diamonds in the D - E range. I want them as colorless as possible.
  9. I would definitely suggest you view a variety of loose diamonds with different colors, clarities and cut qualities - side by side. With all due respect to the previous poster, I don't think size is all that. I've had many large diamonds before my current headlight, and if it doesn't flash and sparkle, then it's not that great. Buy the best you can afford within reason. And you can decide what's reasonable when you set your own personal minimum "range" by comparing loose diamonds side by side.

    You also know that the price increases at each carat increment, right? Ask for a diamond between 3.50ct and 3.90ct and you'll never know the difference in size from the 4.17ct. And you can still call it a 4 carat diamond if you want. Diamonds cut in the low end of the carat range are cut for maximum weight and maximum profit. Not for maximum brilliance.
  10. I agree with OP's. J would have the yellowish/brown tinge esp. with 4ct.

    I use to work with an Exec. in the entertainment industry who flashes/brags about her 2ct all the time. She has a brilliant, VS1, J color. On the hand, she would be little my less than 1ct, IF, F color. One day in front of many people, she asked if she could try on my tiny ring. I'm glad I did because seeing it side by side with her diamond, mine sparkled & dazzled and hers looked yellowish & flat. The look on her face---priceless.

    Go for a smaller diamond with D,E,F,G color.
  11. ^^ great story! That exec go exactly what she deserved ... some serious egg on her face. It is so horrible to belittle anyone's things like that! :busted
  12. I do agree that maybe side by side you could tell, but I'm wearing it on my finger, not next to other diamonds. I'm sorry she was trying to belittle your ring, I think that's horrible.
  13. Actually this diamond is very "white" looking. We put it next to a G color and you couldn't tell the difference. It didn't matter what light it was in, you couldn't tell.
  14. I personally think that each diamond is very unique and sometimes you're paying for the cut or color to be "better" but on each stone it's different. I went ring shopping with my friend and it's amazing what they can charge more for when there is no difference in appearance. I care more what the diamond looks like than what the paper says....I'm wearing the diamond, not the paper! :yes: We were looking at 3ct F color VVS2, ideal cut that looked less "shiny/sparkly" than a G color VS2, good cut, and they were both certified by the same lab. :shrugs: