Thoughts on this Cole Haan -

  1. In my neverending search for a black bag - came across this Cole Haan at Saks. They have it in Black and "Hot Chocolate" but can't figure out what color the Hot Chocolate is - looks like a brown/black????
  2. looks blac in the might try asking Cole Haan...I think they may have live help on their website
  3. That is a beautiful bag -- looks like yummy, dark chocolate!
  4. Very nice. I think it is a dark brown color
  5. Can't help with the color - but usually Cole Haan's chocolate color is a darker, richer brown. I've noticed this with their shoes

    Just wanted to comment: I have this bag in red and it is fabulous! The leather is very rich and it holds my stuff quite well. I especially like that the cell-phone pocket inside has a strap to keep it from falling out should the bag tip over. Just a nice touch IMO.

    Here's the red:

    july 013.jpg
  6. Thanks so much - the bag looks fab!!! I think I may have to try that Hot Chocolate - perhaps its more of a brown/grey/black if that makes any sense :p
  7. I own a similar style bag in "Hot Chocolate". It is a super dark, rich chocolate brown. The colour almost looks black until you put it up against a black and you can see the difference. The colour is quite beautiful!
  8. I've seen this bag in person (in black) and it is gorgeous, but I think yours in red is my favorite! Can I ask where you got it?:yes:
  9. A good place to look for more pictures of a bag is eBay - if people are selling them on there they will usually take 8-10 photos of the angles the retail sites don't. You can also get an idea of how they wear sometimes too!
  10. Gee thanks! I love this one - found it at Nordstrom during their Anniversary Sale. I was being followed all morning by ladies waiting for me to put it down. I've seen a few pop up at stores - call your favorite SA and ask to track one down. ;)