Thoughts on this coat...? [Sunner Ruffle Coat]

  1. I am TORN and can't figure out if I should get this coat or not....

    Sunner Ruffle Coat - More pics here (

    I tried it on today and I think it might be a little big on me (smallest size is a s and i'm an xs) but it's SOOOO pretty!! And I can always get it altered.

    What do you ladies think? Would I be able to wear this with jeans? You think this can pass as a casual coat or is it strictly for special occassions?

    TIA! :love:
  2. It's really cute. I think you could get away with wearing it with very skinny jeans for a more casual look. I would make sure it would look good tailored though. I don't think this is a coat you want to have hanging loose. It sure is pretty :love:
  3. Thanks Steph!!
  4. i'm not sure because although it's a cute coat, it only looks good when it's buttoned.
    i liked my coats to look good in both ways...
  5. ^ you're right! when i tried it on yesterday, I had to button it up to see the "full effect" and even though there's ruffles along the inside as well, I dont know how it'll look unbuttoned.

    Hmm... I guess I'll go check it out again today. Thanks seahorsestripes for your opinion!
  6. i like it, it looks like it can be versatile. :yes:
  7. oh man that coat is cute!! i think it's imp that a coat looks both good buttoned and not, but personally, my coats are either buttoned all the way (when i'm outside) or in my hand (when i'm inside) in the winter. i say you can def pull if off as a casual coat.
  8. thank you mj and sara!!

    i gave in and got the coat!! even better, i got it in a xs so it fits like a dream!!!!!! :love: