Thoughts on this BV tote

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  1. Ok, besides obsessing over Tods this season....plain as could be, I've now stumbled across some BVs that I am contemplating as well.....aghhh, it never ends! I'm going to blow the top of my head off one of these days:P

    Anyways, what are your thoughts on this particlar these BV totes? I think I'm liking the taller one more... Which is cuter? Do you like them?

    Meanwhile...saving for the the big shopping day....oops, I meant, rainy day:biggrin:

    Don't have a digital camera yet, but thought I'd share my recent purchase (non purse) for those who appreciate jewelry too! These are my new babies, a pair of 10.5 white south sea pearls....I am wearing them religiously....but I REALLY want these golden ones too!

    I have a earring fetish:biggrin:

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  2. ooo nice! :biggrin: Congrats!

    I like the taller one better also :biggrin: The white is cute too, but something about it is too Spring for me.
  3. Thanks....I'm going to ultimately decide between a new BV or Tods I think....unless someone else drives me nuts on this forum with another piece of eye candy:biggrin: I think either the black BV, or the Tods carey sacca media...(I am pissed though...heard they only made the red I want in the grande size at Tods stores....I'm going to keep my fingers crossed to see if I can locate this Neiman or overseas....they have different buyers)

    Do you think this black bag has any hope of being dressed up a bit?

  4. It could be depending on how you wear it :biggrin:

    I like the red carey too! Good luck!
  5. great....thats what I was thinking too...

    Wonder if any of our non US bloggers know if the Carey Sacca Media is available in red elsewhere:idea: A girls gotta know all her options:biggrin:

    Have you tried on the carey grande? I think it would be too big for me....Tods has THIS one in red....the SA said it was pretty big though.

    All this thinking....ok, I'm heading off to the gym to fruitfully contemplate over cardio:P

  6. i love tod's and bottega veneta, they are my favourite brands and so i loooooooooveeeeeee your tastes!!
    i am drooling over tod's bags too this season, and i think they are the only ones i'm going to buy for now!
  7. I'm going to call Tods and haggle them a bit more....I am so made that they've decided to limit their color selection in the non grande sized bags! I'm going to call around just to investigate a bit more...

    I like this black BV, but yikes, its about double in price for some of the Tods media/piccola sized bags!

  8. TODS! You got me hooked on these bags- I think they are just so beautiful! I would definitely keep calling the Tod's stores and get the bag you truly want! Let us know how it goes! Good luck!;)
  9. I think any decision will be a bit long on this issue, I am completely in the same boat you are here:P

  10. Whatever you decide- both are gorgeous bags! You can't go wrong- but since the BV costs so much more, just don't rush into any decision- take your time.
  11. carefully comtemplating...:wondering

  12. I love Tod's bags! which ones are you considering? also what color do you want? some bags look better in one color that they do in another.
  13. If you can afford either one I'd say go with BV. Tod's are also great bags, but IMO BV is one notch up!
  14. After looking at the black a while, I'm starting to like the shape better! I think that either would be a good choice, depending upon how much you like to cart around with you. I love the scalloped details! You might want to drop in at a store to see what other colors there are available; there's these gorgeous red and bright apple green too! :smile:
  15. yeah, I know, the BV is really nice of course.....just trying to get myself across the major price tag that just seems to be fixed with it! I've already starting imagining cute outfits to dress it up with :sad2:....not even in my closet yet! On the positive note, I can always wait till it goes on sale if I really want to hold out that long....

    sometimes I get so pissed when I see bags that have been marked down so much! I think....I really should be smart and wait....At NM, cute bags come down by 50% often times! Imagine all that money that could be funneled into the next great buy:biggrin:

    Being able to afford something is great...but I do feel guilty buying it full price when I know it'll drop drastically later.

    still contemplating....