Thoughts on this Burberry Bridle tote??

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    This bag caught my eye when I was in Montreal picking up my Paraty a couple of weeks ago....
    I went to try it on a couple of times at Holts and loved it...

    it is however a bit big and the leather is stiff!
    The bigness I don't mind if it would have fit comfortably on the shoulder, but because the leather is stiff the handles don't stay well on the shoulder!!

    Has anyone seen this and what are your thoughts??
    Do you think the leather would loosen up??

  2. I love the house check. The leather does look stiff but I like the design of the bag ; very versatile. The red brown leather goes very well with the pattern, plus, I have a thing for big bags :cool:. However, I don't know whether or not the leather will loosen up, I don't have enough experience with burberry to say :sweatdrop:. May I ask what's the price tag on this one?
  3. Thanks for your thoughts....
    The bag is $1295 USD

    The bag received two 5 star reviews on
  4. I don't know if the rolled leather handles will soften as easy as the flat handles but they do soften up from use. Gorgeous bag! :heart:
  5. I got the light tan version and wore it today. It is on the heavier side but the design is so lovely. The straps do tend to fall off but it will stay if you cross the straps over.

  6. image-749335137.jpg

    Here it is.
  7. I think it's hot and gorgeous, good luck 8)
  8. I like it! :smile:

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  9. I have this bag and yes, it is a little heavy, but it is gorgeous. The leather smells wonderful and it is so well made.
  10. I got mine was fate!
    I had been eying the all leather version made with lambskin.
    It was 50% off today at Ogilvy Montreal!

    It's just gorgeous...IMHO
  11. I saw that too and it looks great! Congrats!! Mine was only on 30% off. I'm wondering if it's going to be too heavy for a travel bag. I will bring my proenza PS1 as a satchel and cross body option or my bal city. Still no idea yet and I'm leaving in two days...
  12. Beautiful Mona, congratulations!!
  13. I'm not one for Burberry bags normally but I do think the bridle line is one of their best. I'm crushing on a bridle bowler actually....I would go with the dark tan too. You have awesome taste....:biggrin:
  14. Yep I agree, this line is one of the best lines in years, and btw it is made in Italy.

  15. That is a cute bag. I actually have the extra large bridle check hobo (16"x18") which is now discontinued. It is pretty similar to yours. I love the unique design. The handle is a little stiff and does hurt the shoulder if you have a lot of stuff in the bag, but I'm glad it comes with the detachable flat shoulder strap that is much more comfortable.