Thoughts on this bag?

  1. A Kooba of course, my faves ...
  2. Ooooo I really like it!!! :yes:
  3. i like it more than i don't like it. i don't usually like multiple pockets on the outside of my bags.
  4. I adore Kooba, not this partucular one though. Is the hardware gold or silver? I like the front pockets, but something about the front flap that I'm not feeling...
    There's a different yet similar version (Natasha maybe?) and I think that one looks better.
  5. Too big for my purposes. I too like the Natasha better. It would make a nice tote though for hauling bigger thing. It's just "okay" to me.
  6. I'm not liking this one too much. I agree that the Natasha is nicer.
  7. I like the Natasha too, and this one for something smaller ... thoughts on it? It is the Jessie.

  8. I love this bag! It's different for a Kooba!
  9. Does it come in another color??
  10. I just looked at Kooba's site, and they have black, white (both with silver hardware), and caramel (with gold hardware).

    I also like the Natasha:
  11. I just love that caramel color......

  12. I like this bag but wouldn't but it.
  13. ^ I agree w/ bagangel....I DO like it..but wouldn't buy it for myself..I would admire it if YOU were wearing though!! If you like it..get it!!
  14. I like it.
  15. As others have said, I like the Natasha better. I don't really like the flap on the front with the double pockets. I would like it better if it had one or the other, not both.