Thoughts on this bag??

  1. It's a logo bag, but do you guys think it's ugly? It's a small little bag, but big enough for me. Do you think it's hard to match clothes & the bag will get dirty very easily?[​IMG]
  2. It's not really my style, but I don't think it's ugly. Pale pink looks good with black, so it should be fairly easy to wear.

    It will obviously be more vulnerable to dirt than a darker colour, but if you're reasonably careful, I think it should be OK. :yes:
  3. Pale pink also goes with khakis, tan & beige or to any nude/muted colors. For as long as it doesnt clashed with the color of your bag. Its true that it's a color that will get dirty though.

  4. Purdy pink. :yes:
  5. That is a very cute Coach and I am a sucker for anything pink. Way to small for me but I would have been tempted to buy that if I saw it in the Coach Outlet last week.
    I never had a problem with the signature CC fabric getting too soiled although I baby my bags and don't get them around any obvious dirt.
  6. I think it's cute. I love the pink color.
  7. terribly cute
  8. It is cute!!
  9. very cute,I like it:yes:
  10. That's a really cute bag. When did you get it? I also wanted to point out it's unique (since all the coach bags I see around my town look the same).
  11. i think it's gorgeous and hat they not been so expensive I would have jumped all over it. esp because I love bags that are a little different than what every one else is wearing
  12. I got it last's called Coach optic lurex bag.
  13. I have that bag. It's very cute.
  14. V pretty bag :smile:
  15. It would look good with denim, navy, grey, black and white. I couldn't pair it up with any other colors.
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