Thoughts on this bag?

  1. Hi All! I need a yay or nay on this bag:

    I want something that is roomy for days I need to haul a lot of stuff with me (wallet, makeup case, cell phone, general junk:P ) and that will be easy to access the inside of. Is this too plain? Too much $$ for what it is? Is the strap long enough that it won't sit right under my armpit? The measurements make me think so, but you never know since it's cut pretty straight across the top.

    Also, the Mia satchels

    ...are the straps too short to be worn as a shoulder bag?

  2. You mean MJ Mia Satchel? I don't really like the white one. I like the ones with the optic print up top and the leather bottom.
  3. Nope, the new Coach Mia leather satchel:

    I wish there was a better picture because the side pockets have cute buckle detailing that makes the bag for me.

    I kind of like the optic print shoulder totes too, but wasn't sure if the C's were too much? I need to get a good look at it in person I think.
  4. I have the signature shoulder tote & let me tell you I love has to be like my favorite purse b/c it fits everything & it's really comfortable on the shoulder. I have about a couple inches from my armpit to the top of the tote.
  5. I think the shoulder tote will be more comfortable than a Mia, but definitely more plain. I was sort of contemplating the same thing (a shoulder tote vs a satchel) and tried on the one you're considering. It was very comfortable, but very simple and not exactly my taste. I may decide down the road that it's worth the size (it's quite big), but for now I'm wearing my Daphne on my shoulder.
    Oh, and unless you were to stuff it really full, like with an article of clothing, it will sag enough that it doesn't sit in your 'pit.
  6. Ooohhh, love the Daphne! I drooled over it while it was up, but never did get up the nerve to buy one. I am so used to having a shoulder bag that a satchel almost scares me :blink:

    This is the purse I have now (not my auction, I couldn't find a picture of it anywhere else...)

    and I like it, but it's such a pain to get in and out of because the buckle always falls forward while I'm digging through it.

    I don't know what to do...I wish I could afford to just by them all:yes: Maybe the tote in the black optic print would be worth checking into..
  7. the white one is a little too plain..but the satchel is nice. probably more roomier too.
  8. The white one is too plain, but it would probablt be comfortable. I like the Mia one
  9. I just realized white is the one that pops up...I actually would get it in black.
  10. I love the pebbled leather tote and when I tried it on in the store the length of the strap was just fine - not too short. I am hoping to buy this in black sometime this fall. Peggy
  11. I would go with the Tote in Black. I put it on my shoulder and it fit comfortably. My only complaint was that it doesnt zipper shut. It only has that clip. I would always be worried about my stuff falling out.
  12. I own this in black and white. It is now my favorite purse. I bought the black and loved it so much I bought the white. I just bought the denim patchwork and I keep thinking I should carry my white bag before summer ends....I love that if it rains your safe and you can just wipe it clean. It fits great and it holds everything.
  13. the mia is cute
  14. i like the shoulder tote.

    the adjustable strap is a plus for me.