Thoughts on this bag?

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  1. I found it at TJ Maxx for $180. It's by Laura Di Maggio, and it's a beautiful thick leather, and I love it, but it's clearly designer inspired, no? Would you wear something like this? Do you think people would think it's a fake Chloe?

    Thanks for any input.

  2. If you like it that's all that matters. If you start worrying about designers and the opinions of people who don't pay your bills you'll just end up broke and unhappy. It does look very nice, btw.
  3. I immediately thought it was a fake Chloe
  4. Even though everyone here will think it's Chloe inspired, most people you meet on the street won't know the difference. As long as YOU like it, that's all that matters! :smile:
  5. Nice looking bag, who cares what anyone else thinks! :smile:

  6. I know nothing about Chloe, but I like the bag.
  7. I have it too in the color you have and white. The leather is really nice and mine were over 200.00 so they are not cheap. It's really a nice bag. Love TJMAXX.
  8. Nothing wrong with that bag, that's for sure!
  9. nice choice!
  10. cute everyday bag and perfect for travel too - great neutral color - if you LOVE I say keep it - good price too!
  11. If you like it then buy it.
  12. It's definitely reminiscent of Chloe (esp with the lock) but since it's not blatantly trying to be Chloe (eg, not labeled as one), go for it!
  13. If you like it, thats all that matters!
  14. Pretty color -- I actually don't really like how the padlock floats in the middle of the bag...
  15. I don't care for the bag personally, but if you like it, I would say buy it... as long as it doesn't say "Chloe" on it it's not a counterfeit bag. It's just of similar design and stying, which in fashion happens all the time.