thoughts on this bag

  1. what do you guys think about the Epi Speedy 30 in red??? Anyone have any pictures of themselves carrying one?? thanks
  2. ive seen angela/vanessa simmons carrying that bag on a few episodes of runs house. Personally im not a fan of epi at all..but if your attracted to the bag and it goes with your style then go for it!!!
  3. I used to have the black one in a size 25. They are great! And unlike the monogram canvas they hold their shape! I recently saw one at the louis vuitton store in Century City and they are beautiful. I would definately get one.
  4. Epi is so durable, I love it, and red it so pretty!
  5. So pretty! Epi red is awesome on and the speedy is so classic!! Go for it!
  6. Epi red is very pretty.
  7. LOVE the epi speedy's
  8. I am sad to say i do not like the epi in red...
    the epi speedy in black is gorgeous
  9. L0L....that is actually why its on my mind...hehe...angela looked so cute carrying it, but I've never tried it on in person.
  10. I don't care for the epi in red and be sure you try it in person before buying as some people find the epi speedys hard to get into.
  11. I have the red epi speedy in a 25, and I love it-- I get more compliments on it than any other bag.

    The 30 would be much too big and heavy for me, though (I'm 5'6" and medium build). Epi is heavier than canvas, and the size 25 speedy is halfway between the canvas 25 and 30, sizewise-- in my opinion! Keep in mind it's also bulkier because there is no sag. IMO the 30 would be bumping into things a lot. Also the bright color does make it look bigger.

    p.s. I don't find mine hard to get into!
  12. I think the red epi is gorgeous, I would like one but I never wear red... hee
  13. I think you will be pleased with the epi speedy. I have the 25 in black and it is such an effortless bag. It goes from casual to dressy automatically!
  14. I love the epi in red and black.

    Epi leather is superbly classy! :heart:
  15. I have the red epi speedy but in 25 and I love it! The 30 would definitely be a little bit bigger and easier to get your things in and out of!