thoughts on this bag??

  1. so i am a self proclaimed satchel lover. i primarily love satchels and pretty much nothing else ever catches my eye....but for some reason i am totally digging this marc jacobs hobo. i am thinking i might get it.....thoughts/opinions/does anyone own this or has seen it IRL???
    marcj2027912867_prod_zoom_back.jpg marcj2027912867_prod_zoom_front.jpg
  2. Ooooh I like it!! Does it come in other colors?
  3. i think this bag is very cute. only u know how much you really want it.
  4. I like it a LOT. I bet you will get a lot of compliments on it. Perfect black bag.
  5. i really like it.
  6. I saw it in white at Nordie's this past weekend. Very cute! It doesn't really look like any other MbMJ bag. I didn't touch it though, so can't comment on the leather, though MbMJ leather is usually thick and soft.

    I should add that the bag doesn't really slouch! It stands up on its own, exactly how it looks in the picture.
  7. it also comes in grey...i think i definitely prefer the black though. thanks for the opinions and the review mockinglee!! [​IMG]
  8. I like it, it's cute and modern! The only thing I am not big on is how long it looks, but maybe it looks different when it's worn? It looks like it would be a bag that would slouch, but mockinglee said it doesn't really. But besides that, this bag is really pretty, I would go for it if you love it!
  9. im not about to start doing cartwheels over it, but it's cute. i feel like for the price it's probably not as eye catching as it could be, but if it carries well and it speaks to you, then go for it!
  10. i think its very pretty!
  11. agreed. :yes:
  12. I like it and I am a satchel lover as well!! Marc Jacobs is fab. so I am sure you will love it!!
  13. The more I see it the more I like it. Because it's long, it sort of has the appearance of a slouchy hobo, without actually being a slouchy hobo. If that makes any sense.
  14. thumbs up! :tup:
  15. OOOo I LIKE IT!