thoughts on this bag?

  1. i want a MJ bag for christmas...i think i like this one..what do you guys think?
  2. I like the bag... I almost got the zip clutch in the same color, but when I scrutinized it at bloomingdale's, dye rubbed off on some spots and I passed.
  3. It's cute but I'd try another color.
  4. I agree! It would be cute in perhaps another color : )
  5. I actually love the color and the satchel style but the hardware is a little plain to me. Maybe check out the Blake or Venetia? I just think MJ bags should be classic yet make a statement and these two bags definitely do!
  6. ITA! The Venetia and/or Blake would be wonderful choices!! :yes:
  7. Venetia's are wonderful!!
  8. I don't like it as much. For the $$ I would choose something else. JMO.
  9. I like it, but I'd get a different color and maybe wait for it to go on sale. I don't mind the hardware, but I think it needs hardware that matches the bling color. :p
  10. the color's a bit too flashy for me, but the shape/style is cute