thoughts on this bag

  1. Not to offend anyone who has one...but I'm thinking of getting the White MC Speedy. I was talking to my sister about it and she told me she thinks they are cheesy looking and that so many people have fake ones. Does anyone else feel that way? Just curious, thanks:smile:
  2. I love this bag, I think you should get it !!! And don't worry about fakes, because you know that your bag is real...
  3. Not a fan of anything MC.
  4. i want to get the white MC trouville but my BF won't let me get it b/c he thinks they all look like fakes :hysteric:
  5. I wasn't so into MCs for a while either, but these days I'm loving it more and more! I don't own any pieces yet, but I plan to. I think it's colorful and beautiful, and yes, there are fakes out there but as long as YOU own an authentic one, it doesn't matter what everybody else has. Not cheesy at all -- just fun and fresh!
  6. I prefer black, but go for what you love!
  7. get one! It is SOO stunning, and you can DEFF. tell a real fomr a fake. Fakes just dont grab attention..Real one are major head turners!
  8. i would go for white cuz i'm thinking of getting one as well! :smile: and i do not think the white MC is cheesy looking AT ALL. but for some reason, the black ones look just a tad bit cheesy to me. anyways! i say go for it!
  9. Buy what you like, who cares what others think. If you like the bag buy it and enjoy it :biggrin:

    Sounds to me more like someone is jealous...
    I have the bag and love it.. for me its a great summer bag as i live in a cold climate. I havent used mine much but still love it! I totally love carrying it and enjoy using it.
  10. That has and always will be THE bag for me. I think you should DEF. get it!!!!!!
  11. I still love the bag even though I sold mine. It's a great bag!
  12. I have this bag & love it!! I'd go for it if YOU like it.
  13. I wasn't a huge fan of MC until I saw it in real life. There is really a vibrancy to the colors that just make it beautiful!
  14. I have it in black and the mc alma in white ... the white is an awesome color and tdf in the speedy ... do not worry about what other people think! All that matters is that you are happy.:graucho:
  15. I personally don't like the MC line, but you should get what you like, and don't worry what anyone else says.