Thoughts on this bag

  1. Feedback/comments on this bag pls. I've been looking for a red patent and I'm kinda liking this one, altho I haven't seen it in person yet.
  2. it's a really lovely shape. I like patents with non-structured bags like this one.
  3. I like it.:tup:
  4. Oh that's kinda cute! Who makes it and for how much?
  5. I like it, it looks familiar but I can't bring the brand to mind. Do you know the size?
  6. Nice color, and the patent is so fun. Who makes it?
  7. I think its pretty! The pleating and slouchy shape really balance the shine!
  8. I love it, it's a do!
    how makes it?. I have not seeing it anywhere
  9. It's by Sigrid Olsen which I've only seen at Nordstrom's. I think it's like $188 which isn't bad.Dimensions are 15"x8"x6". I was going to check it out tomorrow.

    Thanks guys!
  10. ooh looks lovely!
    i simple everyday bag yet a little different
  11. I really like it. Just be prepared for people to stop you on the street when you wear it. :p
  12. pretty cute for the price!
  13. Very cute. Looks like a winner!
  14. oooo very cute!!!! I want it.....:love:
  15. Hey, I love it! It's so pretty and red.