Thoughts on this bag?

  1. Saw it on Saks website and found out it won't be in stores until 9/30 :tdown:. How's the leather? Soft, easily scratched, etc???

  2. geesh! where have i been!?:confused1:

    how's the leather?
  3. ^^^To die for soft and smooshy. The "antic" treatment is a bit fragile though. It's meant to look distressed, but it will wear on corners and such. That was last fall though. Maybe they've changed it this fall to be more durable. Basically if that sort of thing bothers you, go with a monotone color like the caramel/beige color.
  4. Just saw your new wallet! THAT is what the bag is made of and has that same treatment. You have to get the bag now: matching set! :graucho:
  5. Oh no! I was afraid of that ^^^ that means I def need to get the bag! Crap! :sweatdrop: I'm getting a Chanel this weekend too!! Yikes!
  6. Who do you think you are, alouette? JILL??? :roflmfao:

  7. PP - lmao!!!! Yeah, right! The ONLY way I could spend like Jill is if I walked the streets while my DH was at work! Gettin' all my shopping done before the baby comes. Then I'm taking a reprieve......temporary reprieve. :graucho:
  8. I had that shape from Bluefly in the white I sent back -- the brief time I had it, the shoulder strap seemed kind of "slip off the shoulder" strap to me. But we've also established I have issues with straps -----

    The leather looks gorgeous !!
  9. :roflmfao: "issues w/ straps" ...too funny!!!! I can't deal w/ slipping straps. Too much of a nuisance sometimes. The new black prada I just got that you've seen in the pics has a strap that has a mind of its own but it's worth it since I just :heart: it to pieces!!
  10. soo cute
  11. Beautiful bag! I love the colour.
  12. i have the exact same bag. it is EXCELLENT.
  13. Since the leather is so soft and squishy, isn't it more prone to wear on the corners?
  14. well, there is a whole discussion on this in one our thread here which was dedicated to the antik cervo leather, how durable they are etc. i travelled with mine to a "third world" country and it held up much bettern than i thought it would be. i stuffed it with loads of stuff duing travel too. but i have another experience with my antik cervo leather wallet, which i kinda trash around because i carry it in a backpack. and this time the edges scuffed a bit. so i am guessing, that unless you are really rough with it, it shoul hold up alright. in that same thread i mentioned, there were suggestion as to how to make the scuffing better. i think one PFer used shoe polish on some of her scuff and apparently it looked like new after! she even had a before and after pic. you should check out that thread. padparasha created the thread, and a whole bunch of us chimed in for a long time. so this thread should be easy to find. anybody?