thoughts on this bag?

  1. Believe it or not, I'm actually NOT looking for myself this time...HOWEVER, my friend is moving out of state and I wanted to give her a nice farewell gift that she'll use for a long time (and always think of me :p). Anyone have this bag? Thoughts/opinions? This will be her first Prada bag. She's been wanting one forever but would never buy one for herself.
  2. uh oh, well I don't know what her taste is you? Would she use it for work? travel? everyday? What are her current bags like? If she was my friend and it was possible I'd try to find out what she likes by taking her to the mall and while at the prada section remembering what she likes..or something like that. As for that bag, I'm not a big fan of big logos but the color and shape are nice. And it's leather so:tup:. If you think she would like it then itd be a wonderful gift, wish I had friends like you!
  3. Alouette, I saw that on Overstock when I was looking at the white gauffre and I even thought about that one! I LIKE it! I hear what Knee is saying about logos, but I think the Prada logo is understated on that bag and fits the shape nicely. I really like everything about it!
  4. I know someone on here got this on overstock just recently in black I believe. Pretty bag!
  5. Ohhh... black would be awesome for her!

    She'd be using it as an everyday bag and her tastes are very classic and chic, much like the gals on tPF! ;)

    She doesn't care much about logos so long as they're not in your face all over the bag, KWIM?

    kneehighz- *blushing* Thx for nice compliment but she deserves it. She NEVER buys anything for herself and sacrificed so much for her family. I want her to have something nice for a change. I've known her for 15 years so we're pretty close!
  6. how sweet, she sounds like my mother. I love buying her nice things because she'd never do that for herself, problem is she doesn't like people buying her expensive things either. Minette's right about the logo on that one, it isn't huge and is a nice bag (I forgot to say that part). I'm trying to imagine it in black...I think that would look great too, perhaps even better. I hope they still have it on overstock for you!
  7. As the others have said tastes vary, but I'm not a logo fan either. I don't mind the little triangle on the newer bags (hate the old metal ones) and I like the new lettering they started using last year, but the in your face logo bags (like I'd consider that to be) just don't do it for me. :shrugs:

    You know your friend better than we do obviously. Trust your instincts.
  8. hhmmm, I might probe her a little more and see if she would like it. I am 99% sure she would like it but then don't want a bomb dropped on me if she winds up not liking it!
  9. well worst case if she doesn't you could return it..or keep it!:graucho: