thoughts on this bag??

  1. whats your thoughts on the denim flat pouch??
  2. Its cute but I can barely fit my stuffs in I will never get one...
  3. What did you try to fit? What about a small wallet, cell and keys??
  4. luvmy3girls--check out the what's in your LV bag thread...LVixen posted what she can fit in her's very recently...made me want one....very cute!
  5. It's cute, but I wouldn't have any use for it :shame:
  6. i saw it at the boutique the other day, its sweet but i wouldnt have any use for it! xx
  7. great for caring a small wallet/keys and cell. perfect for running errands...
  8. Personally I dont care for the denim line and its just too small.
  9. I have it and love it. great bag and holds just what I need, wallet, cell, makeup and misc items.
  10. Small wallet, cell and keys can definitely fit
    Unfortunately I have so many junks :smile:
  11. I think it's cute...
  12. :yes: :yes: :yes:
  13. it's cute- i'm not a fan of the denim line, but i like this item.