Thoughts on this Allison Burns clutch?

  1. Bearing in mind that I am a clutch fanatic ;) Does anyone have any thoughts on allison burns bags in general? I can get a pretty good deal on this and first saw it during the Shopbop giveaway (and thought "thats perfect for me!"). What do you think?

    Sorry I can't figure out how to copy the URL of the pic on my husbands mac. here is a link!

  2. Just my opinion, but I think it's trying too hard. I would like it better without the razor blade and the rose -- makes it a little too...I don't know... "literal" for me. I do like the soft shape though and the leather looks smooshy.
  3. I LOVE Alison Burns bags. I have one and it's lasted through torture for 4 years now and still going strong. Great quality!
  4. Very rock chic
  5. I really like it. It's rebellious in a subtle kind of way. And it looks like it's good quality. I think if it was made with cheaper materials, it would look tacky, but it doesn't. If it went on sale, I would buy it. I love unusual clutches :yes:..

  6. not a fan.
  7. It's definitely not like any clutch I've seen before. I'm undecided on my real opinion of it, but I can certainly appreciate it's uniqueness.
  8. Oops, I posted twice!
  9. I'm not usually a big fan of clutches, but I love this one!. It's sexy-edgy-chic. The leather looks soo smooshy, and the leather charms make it super-playful. I like this a lot.
  10. Love it!
  11. I have the hobo version, the leather is very nice.
  12. Oh you guys lol! now i'm more confused than when I started :smile: And the problem is that everyone posted things I completely agree with. It could def. look too contrived, but then it is super smooshy :love: and I love how unique it is.

    I was imagining using this clutch as an *unexpected* accessory to a ultra feminine top, jeans and heels or boots. And since I live in L.A and am married to a musician lol, I can probably carry this forever (imagining myself at my 50th wedding anniversay with this :roflmfao:) . ugh. I still don't know. I may....I may not...

    I really appreciate your thoughts :smile:
  13. I think it's adorable!
  14. I wonder if there's a way to remove the rose and have just the razor blade? I think that would make it better for me -- It is very interesting and the more I look at it, the more I like it.