Thoughts on these Valentinos?

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  1. Would appreciate your opinions...

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  2. I think they are both incredible but gravitate, personally, to the Rockstud bow bootie....edgy but still ladylike and classic:smile:

    Just depends on your style. I say you cant go wrong with either pair, or both:graucho:
  3. Love the fur wedge but not keen on the second pair :smile:
  4. I prefer the second pair... edgy, ladylike and fun! If the first pair didn't have the fur trim, I'd like 'em, too (casual with a twist)... not a fan of fur trim on anything (for myself).
  5. Yeah, I definitely prefer the second pair too but fear they won't be as comfortable as the first, especially when it comes to tackling Europe's cobblestone streets!
  6. I definitely prefer the second. The heel doesn't look that high that it would be incredibly hard walking on cobble stones. I have to do it myself all the time and you really get used to it. Take the second especially as you are more tempted by it!!
  7. As I am not a fan of furry or hairy shoes I would choose the second ones. I like their simple clean lines a lot.