Thoughts on these two Blanhiks

  1. I found these two and I love them both. What do you think??? Be honest. Do you think one would get more wear than the other??
    mb.jpg mbblack.jpg
  2. I like both of them, and I would wear both to work. Since the heels are not too high, I would wear them alot.
  3. They both are fantastic!!! The plum color is unique and would look great with black. It is nice that the heel is low so they are more "user friendly". :tup:
  4. The color is actually a little more burgandy. I should REALLY only get one, I dunno:shrugs:
    Both heels are 90.
    The black is linen and patent.
  5. i actually like them both...2 diff styles that you can work so many way.
  6. Does one "JUMP" more than the other?
  7. I like the's the safe option I know, but the black shoes in my wardrobe are always the ones that get the most wear. Plus the style is adorable!
  8. It really is adorable! I saw it at Bob Ellis but it had a 50 heel. Too kitten for me, but then the rep in Vegas sent me this pic of the 90, whole different story!! :tup:
  9. They're both fantastic and would be staples in my closet since they'd go with anything. I don't really like one more than the other
  10. I like the red/maroon ones a bit more for everyday use.
  11. I have the slingback pair in Grey.. Love it.
  12. Those are both really nice , they are classic style but still really cute
  13. I like them both but I much prefer the black pair. The first pair is nice and I like that it is a different color than basic black but there is just something about the shape that I am not in love with.
  14. Thanks! I decided to go for the black so I ordered them! I love them!!:heart:
  15. love 'em both