thoughts on these totes?

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  1. I "Want" a tote bag...note that i dont "need" least i dont think i need one...i actually use my backpack for carrying my files - totally inelegant but i've already damaged 1 longchamp tote from the heavy weight i carry (the latest one is going to "die" on me soon too)

    Softy East West Tote

    i have only seen this so far in the stores in london. but it doesnt come in that colour. only seen it in "bat brown" which is actually a reddish brown...

    Softy Tote

    Havent seen this in real life yet...i think i much prefer this to the above...but i dont think i can lay my hands on it over in UK...

    Turn lock tote


    Love the idea of a detachable strap but the handles doesnt fit over my fat i cant wear this on the shoulder...

    any thoughts ladies?

  2. I like the first one! I don't like the patch/pocket on the second one, and something about the third one is just funny to me. And the strap looks pretty dinky, I noticed with his bags when they come with a shoulder strap and top handles, if the shoulder strap is used, they sit and look funny (groovee, that one...).The fact that the top handles don't go over the shoulder doesn't help!

  3. I like the first and the third... the first is definitely a tote, but the 3rd is more like a handbag... if you want a handbag for daily use, go with the 3rd, but if you need something to function as a tote(work, books, paper, etc), then get the first.
  4. I have the third one and I love it. I don't know how much weight it will hold though. I will have to check that out for you.
  5. I really like the 2nd's pretty!
  6. personally i prefer the 1st one ;)
  7. :heart: the 1st and third!
  8. I love the third, even though it is not really a tote.
  9. I like the first one best. :yes:
  10. i like the 3rd one!! any other colours they look a bit dull for me, but it still looks nice!!
  11. I like the second one best, but it doesn't look like it would carry as much as the first one. So I guess my vote is for the first one - but maybe not bat brown...
  12. It you want a tote, but don't need one--i think the third--then you can use it as a handbag, and as a tote!
  13. I actually like #2 the most.
  14. I change my vote--I just saw the zappos pics of the first one, and I like that best now!

  15. My thoughts too.:yes: Oh shoot, I wonder if we share a brain too.:P