Thoughts on these shoes??

  1. The "Pour La Victoire Women's Lourdes Ankle Strap Pump"....I :heart: them!

  2. They are cute. I would prefer them with only one strap, but very cute.
  3. Cute. The colors look great together and I like the two straps. It's unique.
  4. so cute!
  5. very pretty but i agree - one strap would be better.
  6. so cute!pretty!:tup:
  7. Cute! I like both the straps, but think one might get impatient getting in and out of them.
  8. I never wear straps that go across my ankle as I think it makes my legs look shorter
  9. Yeah they're cute!:tup:
  10. I love them! I would totally buy those if I didn't have cankles :sad:
  11. I like those and I like the two straps too.
  12. love it! i prefer no straps.. but it's nice! :biggrin:
  13. really?? i thought ankle-straps were supposed to lengthen legs....i know trying to think about it, it never made much sense to me....but i think my legs look longer with ankle straps.
  14. You are right there, they lenghten the legs :yes: - and two straps even better!
  15. love them!