thoughts on these fragrances???

  1. i'm thinking of purchasing a new fragrance for the new season.. has anyone smelled any of these?

    dior- midnight charm
    ysl- baby doll
    guerlain- colours of love
    benefit- maybe baby
    vera wang- princess
  2. I own Maybe Baby, and wear it off and on throughout the year. I have always loved that scent and was so excited when it came out in cologne(before that it was the scent of the lotion and body "grease" stuff)
    I also like the Vera Wang Princess, but find it more of a Vanilla scent, so I cannot even compare the two. I think it depneds on what kind of scents you are most comfortable with. These are both food scents, as the Benefit smells fruity, kind of like peaches.
  3. i smelled the vera wang princess just because of the cute bottle, I HATED it. It smelled like old lady perfume and soap to me, but then i'm really picky and tend to gravitate to more stuff like Givency Irresistable (Love that stuff!)
  4. I love Vera Wang - Princess. It's my scent of the moment. :]

    ...and I think this belongs in the beauty bar section?
  5. xikry5talix, my apologies! ive only begun posting recently and was a little clueless at first :shame: sorry that this is posted in the wrong section ladies :P
  6. p.s. does anyone else think that the juicy couture perfume makes them feel sick??
  7. I just bought my sister Vera Wang Princess. She loves it, I could live without it.