Thoughts on these CL sandals...

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  1. Has anyone tried these on or seen them IRL? The straps in the front look painful though. :s I was thinking of getting them maybe if they went on sale. They retail for $665.

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  2. Sexy, but they would be painful for me.
  3. I haven't tried them now, but I can imagine the front straps not being able to contain my feet, and if they are patent, they'll hurt.
  4. They are cute.
  5. I think they are pretty but not sure about the straps, as far as comfort.
  6. I would be concerned that the lack of reinforcement on the straps might have a small "flip flop" effect. I have a pair that do this to me now and it's annoying.

    I'm also concerned with how thin the straps are. I think they would be easily broken.
  7. They look pretty but can't help imagining those thin straps digging into hot feet :shrugs:
  8. Too much foot for me. I like a little less bare. :heart: