Thoughts on these bags?

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    Though I would get either one in brown, not blue. Thanks!
  2. the shoulder bag is my fav...pond is such a pretty color but they look great in whiskey as well...many ladies have pics modeling these bags so check those out too!

    they are both beautiful bags!!!
  3. I love the whiskey color, too!
  4. I'd go with the shoulder bag (the one you have pictured in blue). It does hold a lot. You also have the option to carry it on your shoulder or in the crook of your arm.
  5. The shoulder bag is my favorite but I don't know if it's still available in whiskey. There's natural though. It's very pretty! (I have it in pond and can hardly wait to carry it this summer!)
  6. When it comes to the look, I prefer the first one. But I know all the hardware makes it heavy, so if you want practicality you should probably go with the second.
  7. I have the shoulder bag in whiskey and love it. I am carrying it right now and already planning on buying the pond. I have the satchel in charcoal but don't carry it too much because it is very heavy and although it will fit on my shoulder snuggly it is a little bulky. I love its style just not the weight of it.

    Good luck!!!
  8. I just got a Shoulder Bag...I love it. It holds a lot more than you think. That's my pick...I love the pond too.
  9. I like the shoulder bag!!! I think it would look beautiful in any color!
  10. i like the satchel but it kinda looks heavy, so get the shoulder instead...
  11. Hi,
    I just bought and returned the Legacy Satchel was too big for my needs(but VERY nice and I'm thinking of saving up to get it to use with my credit). I Kept my Legacy Shoulder in Black. They do have 1 Coach Whiskey Legacy Shoulder Bag left in Palo Alto, Ca Coach Store:smile: .
  12. Gotta love the shoulder bag....
  13. I think it's safe to say at this point that most of the gals here know I am a total wh*re when it comes to the shoulder bag . . . I have 3: plum suede, whiskey and pond. Of course, I vote for the shoulder! The whiskey color isn't available anymore, but they do have it in natural (which is tan with a yellowish undertone). I wore my pond one today for the first time and got a lot of compliments on it - it's a more muted and deeper blue than it appears on the website.
  14. Thanks girls, I saw both of these while browsing bags the other day ... and kept them in mind. The input helps!
  15. Both lovely bags but I think I would go with the shoulder!