Thoughts on these bags?

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  1. Okay, I am NOT known for having patience. When I decide I want something I become quite obsessive.

    I have a Prada Pushlock and Francesco Biascia and a Tod's and I was thinking of getting the Chloe Paddington - but notice that all my bags are starting to look a little similar in shape.

    I'd like to get something a little different, but really nice, more elegant than trendy - I plan on using this ALL THE TIME.

    What does everyone think about these? I seem to definitely have the "horse" theme going but hubby thinks it may not look as elegant as the Prada. Dunno, I missed out on the Chloe Equestrian Paddington.

    1. Brown print Fendi Spalmati. Also available in black/cream.

    2. Cream leather Fendi Spalmati.

    3. Black canvas Fendi Spalmati

    4. Prada logo jacquard

    Thanks for any comments

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  2. I would say 2 or 3 is better if you are looking for elegant.
  3. I like the last one, because the first three look too boxy. The last one has rounded corners, and thus reduces the boxy look somewhat. More importantly, it appears that its handles are long enough such that you can carry the bag on your shoulder as well.
  4. I agree. I like the shape of 4 too, but would prefer another color.
  5. I like the Prada best. The black Fendi is a close second.
  6. Black will match everything, but if you're going to shell out, do it for leather, so I vote for 2!
  7. I would say Prada
  8. As a guy, I would say 2 or 3. Personally the horse looks good to me. However, as mentioned, if you are going to spend the approximate same amount, shell out for leather. The black horse is a second, very versatile.
  9. I love the shape of 4 but also like 3.
  10. Agreed, I also like the last one the best. Don't like the shape of the other three.
  11. Black Fendi gets my vote unless you are very confident of keeping the cream pristine - I can go from 'elegant' to 'grubby' in one swift move!
  12. #3 for me. Because you're going to be wearing it all the time. It's simple yet it still has some design and it'll match with many of your outfits.