thoughts on the zoe clutch?

  1. For some reason I am strangely drawn to this clutch, I love clutches and would use them everyday, unless I would be going to say a coffee or bookstore place and doing some work there, and was thinking of getting a chanel cosmetic case for this..but should I push that back a bit and snatch one of these up? And if so what color would you like? i do like the stripes, and not sure if I want the black clutch if I'm already playing on getting another black clutch KWIM?
  2. Can I also just say I am in LOVE with that suede beaded tote? I LOVE their suede, more then leather..... and I was doing so good until this line came out!!!
  3. here are picts..
    10463_B4MC-1_d2.jpg 10468_B4AS-1_d2.jpg 10468_B4EB-1_d2.jpg
  4. AARTI!

    Let me be the first to say you are in need of serious retail therapy:lol:

    These are so nice, I wonder what you can get in them.
  5. ^^LOL!! I know right?
    I think its because the only bag I'm not selling, since I sold of basically everything to start anew, is my longchamp tote, and then I have the coin purse that can go back if need be, my mj skinny, and a wristlet that I'm most likely selling as well. Which is why I'm probably not going to buy the tote,

    but the clutch is an option, currently don't have one of those, or a shoulder bag for the moment

    and I need a wristlet if I am to sell the other one

    and I have no rational reasoning for the skinny except its tooooo cute!!!

    and then the striped flats.. I own 1 nike shox and 1 adidas slip on track shoes.

    LOL don't you love my reasoning?
  6. That makes perfect sense to me! I like the skinny mini too! I can think of any excuse for an accessory.
  7. I was eyeing up the Zoe but I really have little use for it! I could use it for a night out, but I just bought an LV Manhattan PM for that!
  8. lol. I like the stripe one best and the beaded tote is beautiful as well!
  9. I think the zoe is beautiful...just wish it wasn't so expensive for something so small.
  10. It's a really pretty clutch. It's a wee bit pricey for me to just impulse buy.
  11. I love the green one but agree with shelbell, it's just too expensive for what it is. I do hope they come to the outlets, though!
  12. They are really cute in person and would hold more then you think they would.
  13. Thats what threw me off when I first saw it, but if I use it for everyday usage, then 258 would be cheaper then the other bags! Maybe I should throw in the towel for the wristlet and use this? Do you think they'd hit the outlets though? Thats my biggest drawback.
  14. the clutch is too fabulous.
    but, thank GOD, i have no reason for a clutch. my bank account is happy now.
    but, aarti, you NEED that beaded tote!!!
  15. ^^LOL! I do don't I.. No I have to resist!! I'm going back and forth with the clutch.. they aren't making anymore this year right? If I do decide to buy it I will return the coin pouch then :sad: